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AMI-42, the command AI for the badly damaged secret research vessel, New Dawn, finds itself alone with an escaped experimental subject that has killed all the human crew and now wants to kill AMI. An audio fiction series.

Winner 2nd Place in the Drama/Action category of TVWriter™’s People’s Pilot 2019 Competition.

My Series


Wild Bill, recovered from the surgery to replace his eyes, must deal with feelings of betrayal and low self-worth while preventing the San’aa, an invading force of extraterrestrials, from taking over a silver mine. An audio fiction series currently in development.

Winner for Best Audio Series Pilot and 2nd Runner Up in the main competition Drama/Action category in TVWriter™’s People’s Pilot 2019 Competition.

My Series


El Paso PI, Jack Brady, had done many odd things during his careers as a Navy SEAL, Border Patrol agent, and private investigator, but babysitting a graveyard — at night — was a new one. Someone had been desecrating graves in El Paso’s oldest graveyard, and the head of the Historical Preservation Committee wanted it stopped. It could be kids — or it could be something much more dangerous. A short story in audiobook format.

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