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ESCAPE! A Full-Cast Audio Fiction Space Opera.

AMI-42, the command AI for the damaged secret research vessel, New Dawn, finds itself alone with an escaped experimental subject that has killed all the human crew and now wants to kill AMI.

The place: a secret, quarantined research spaceship, New Dawn, hidden in the asteroid belt. The ship’s purpose: to conduct research on biological weapons that will introduce a New Dawn in ground combat, hence the ship’s name. The ship contains three top-secret research labs: Experimental Lab Alpha, dedicated to bacteriological weapons; Experimental Lab Bravo, dedicated to cybernetic enhancement; and Experimental Lab Charlie, dedicated to genetic cloning of super-soldiers from the single cell up. Experimental Lab Charlie stands alone, completely independent from the rest of the ship in all systems including computer systems. This research violates all international and interplanetary rules of war, thus the ship’s location in the Asteroid Belt.

Winner 2nd Place in the Drama/Action category of TVWriter™’s People’s Pilot 2019 Competition.

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ESCAPE! Season 1, Episode 1, Pilot
ESCAPE! Season 1, Episode 1, Pilot

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