A wealthy businessman hires River City PI, Nick Fox, to expose a dodgy spiritualist taking advantage of his wife and his money. What looks like an easy investigation gets complicated and leads Nicky to a table that doesn’t like gravity — and murder.

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This time El Paso PI, Jack Brady, doesn’t have to find anything or anyone. He’s been hired by an insurance company to exchange a cash payout for a half-million-dollar stolen car. Easy money! Until somebody gets killed.

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El Paso PI, Jack Brady, had done many odd things during his careers as a Navy SEAL, Border Patrol agent, and private investigator, but babysitting a graveyard — at night — was a new one. Someone had been desecrating graves in El Paso’s oldest graveyard, and the head of the Historical Preservation Committee wanted it stopped. It could be kids — or it could be something much more dangerous.

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El Paso PI, Jack Brady, has a new client. Her father and his new wife are dead. The cops think her father murdered his wife and then killed himself. The client doesn’t believe it and wants Jack to prove that they were both murdered. Jack knows that these kinds of cases are a crap shoot. The question is, will Jack roll a seven or snake eyes?

Music from, “Slow Burn” by Kevin MacLeod (, License: CC BY (

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Murder and burglary, two crimes that go together only when the burglars are stupid or unlucky. Or both. The jury was still out on the Jablonski brothers in more ways than one. In this 1950s era story the Jablonski’s attorney hires PI Nick Falk to find evidence to exonerate the brothers from a murder charge. Nick has to navigate through a femme fatale and a greedy partner to find the truth while dodging bullets along the way.

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“Another floater surfaced in the Rio Grande last night. It was the headline story on the all-news radio station I listen to on the way to work. Authorities on either side pull twenty to thirty bodies out of the Rio each year, some accidental drownings, some deliberate. What made this one unusual was the fact that he had identification — and money.”

Human smuggling constitutes one of the less savory aspects of Brady Investigation’s case load. Jack Brady, former SEAL and current PI in El Paso, Texas, would rather not get involved, but he’s always been a sucker for a sob-story.

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“They will kill him. You must find him for me.” Those were the words that got me into this mess. They had been uttered by Felina Ochoa, a young woman just barely old enough to work in Rosa’s Bar on San Antonio Street in downtown El Paso.

Jack Brady, ex-SEAL and current PI in El Paso, Texas, has a weakness for sob stories that is exceeded only by his weakness for good-looking women. When Felina Ochoa comes into his office to hire Jack to protect her boyfriend, Oscar, he accepts the job, against his better judgement. But he has to find Oscar first. Can he find Felina’s boyfriend and keep him from succumbing to the police ley de fugo, or is Oscar going to be another name on the list of people Jack couldn’t save?

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A young man fresh from England has been posted to the Nairobi headquarters of the British East Africa Police around the turn of the 20th Century. His first case under the tutelage of his chief, Inspector Thomas Donnegan, involves the deaths of several WaSwahili tribesmen in a remote village under mysterious circumstances. His journey towards the solution to the mystery involves a great deal of culture shock and an unusual solution.

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